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Heating and Cooling System Installation

Quality HVAC Service for Houston Area Residents by Certified, Award-Winning Professionals

Replacing your old and inefficient furnace or air conditioner is a big decision and one that only happens once in a lifetime for most.

When choosing a central heating or air conditioning system for your home, however, there are some factors that are beyond your control, such as code compliance and unit size. State and municipality codes will determine how your system is installed so that it meets minimum safety and efficiency requirements. The size and layout of your home will determine how large your new heating and air conditioning system needs to be.

The areas in which you have the most choice are efficiency levels, indoor air quality options, and programmable thermostats. The most important decision you make, though, is your choice of contractor.

Always choose an experienced, certified professional who is licensed bonded, and insured. This protects you from any problems that may arise. Call Universal Home Experts for quality HVAC system replacements at down to earth prices.

If you are experiencing high utility bills or find yourself paying for repairs often, you may want to consider replacement. Our technicians will help you calculate the savings a new unit may provide.

Our furnace and air conditioner installations come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That means that if anything should go wrong, we will return for a free follow-up repair or give you your money back.

To schedule heating and cooling replacement services from a live, friendly voice, call Universal Home Experts at 713-863-9311.

Out of This World Service; Down to Earth Prices!