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Electrical Panel Replacement for Houston Residents

The Heart of Your System

Your home’s electrical panel is what controls the electricity coming into your home. It works a lot like traffic control, sending electricity to each circuit in the system. The breakers in the panel regulate the electricity passing through.

It is recommended that only a licensed electrician be trusted to work on your electrical panel. Never remove the cover of your electrical panel yourself. There is a severe risk of electrocution and permanent damage to your electrical system, which could result in an electrical fire.

It’s not often that a home would need its panel replaced. But when you are in need of panel replacement or repair, call Universal Home Experts, your local Houston electrical professionals.

Each Universal Home Experts electrician is licensed, insured, background checked, drug tested, and highly trained. Since 1992, we have performed thousands of electrical panel repairs and replacements. All of our services come with a gimmick-free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for your peace of mind. You are completely satisfied or your money back!

We Fix It Right, at the Speed of Light!

Call Universal Home Experts for professional panel repair and replacement: 713-863-9311