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Water Quality Month

by admin on July 20, 2017

August is National Water Quality Month and Universal Home Experts wants to help further the discussion. Many people don’t realize how interlinked our water systems are, but according to the Audubon Society, there are serious dangers in the runoff from agriculture, forestry, construction and residential property (also called urban runoff). The many pollutants that are […]

Cool July Events (for a Hot Houston Summer)

by admin on July 13, 2017

With the weather both hot and rainy this season, the unpleasant humidity has kept many of us inside. But for those of us on vacation, staying in the house all summer is not an acceptable way to spend our break. Fortunately, we live in an exciting city with abundant entertainment options. The professionals at Universal […]

Outdoor Electrical Safety

by admin on July 6, 2017

Summer vacation in Houston means that everyone will have more time to spend outside. Kid’s pool parties, neighborhood barbecues and extended visits on the patio are all part of the seasonal fun. Spending more time outside also means households will inevitably be using electricity; especially with today’s “plugged in” society. Because we live in a […]

Summer Energy Conservation

by admin on June 29, 2017

The hot, humid Houston summers make it difficult to keep the central air use at a respectable (and inexpensive) level. If you are like most us, your air conditioning has already been on 24 hours a day for several weeks. Locals know that we have at least three more months of intense heat, with little […]

Lightning Safety Awareness Week

by admin on June 22, 2017

While the city of Houston is known for NASA and a host of other famous sites, it also has the dubious distinction of being the “lightning capital of Texas.” It’s true. We have the most lightning strikes per kilometer than any other part of the state. According to researchers at Texas A&M, the combination of […]

Water Conservation Tips for a Houston Summer

by admin on June 15, 2017

Another summer in Houston means high temperatures, high humidity and high water consumption. If you live in a home, the lawn and garden need extra water to keep healthy. If you have kids, their summer vacation means extra dishes, extra laundry and extracurricular activities that probably include water. If you entertain, it means backyard parties, […]

Prepare Your HVAC for Vacation

by admin on June 8, 2017

Are you planning on taking a vacation this summer? Perhaps you’re planning on more than one? Make sure that you prepare your HVAC for vacation. While it’s common practice to secure your home for an extended absence, consideration should also be given to your central air system. In addition to stopping the mail, turning off the […]

Home Exterior Lighting Tips

by admin on June 1, 2017

With summer just around the corner, many Houston homeowners are thinking about their exterior lighting design. Whether it’s for safety, security, aesthetics, recreational pursuits or a little of each, Universal Home Experts can help with all your design needs. We’ve been assisting our Houston neighbors with their landscape lighting projects since 1992. Our lighting technicians […]

The Facts About the National Electrical Code

by admin on May 25, 2017

This May is National Electrical Safety Month (NESM), an annual campaign established to encourage electrical safety in the home, school and workplace. Universal Home Experts are big proponents of electrical safety and are joining in the crusade to ensure the protection of our Houston neighbors. The Electrical Safety Foundation (ESFI), one of the major sponsors […]

Easy Memorial Day Home Projects

by admin on May 18, 2017

Planning on spending this Memorial Day Weekend in your Houston home? Why not make it a productive vacation by finishing some of those home projects that you’ve been putting off? Universal has blogged about dozens of easy DIY home projects, recommended by our experienced technicians. The most essential are the projects that keep your household […]

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